Front entranceway with snow

Out of the Cold

The Out of the Cold program was initiated in 1987 by the students of St. Michael’s School with the support and guidance of Sister Susan Moran of the order of Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow.

The Out of the Cold program is a volunteer initiative that consists of congregations from faith groups, community members and advocates who provide safe refuge, hospitality and emergency shelter to the homeless community throughout the City of Toronto.

Blessed Sacrament’s involvement with OOTC began in February of 1996 when they embarked on a two month trial basis, of providing dinner and overnight accommodations.

After this successful pilot project, Blessed Sacrament proceeded to host Sunday night dinners and overnights until March 2006, with an average guest count of 60-80 people per week.

Although Blessed Sacrament no longer hosts the Sunday evening program, we along with nine other North Toronto churches and religious congregations, continue to financially support the initiative and provide some of the 250 volunteers that provide support in seventeen different areas of the program.